Reticle (Photomask) Cleaning Equipment
Fully Automated or Semi-Automated
Custom cassette
made for reticles
Reticle (photomask) cleaning can be done in house with a small capital investment. These single substrate spin cleaners are equipped with programmable multi-chemical dispense arm, front and backside rinse, optional brush scrub, and spin dry with N2 blow off.

Systems are available as manually loaded spin cleaners or they can be fully automated. A simple (5 minute) chuck change enables different size masks to be cleaned. Tools are made to be compatible with acids or solvents. Chemical cabinet and fire suppression are available as an option.
Option: Full Automation!
Cassette to cassette automated version with robotic handler
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Stainless steel construction is suitable for simple DI water cleaning and compatible with solvent chemistries. Solvents do not corrode metal thereby extending the photomask lifetime.
Plastic construction is suitable for simple DI water cleaning and is compatible with acid chemistries.
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