Indicator Lighting
Slot width and pitch between boxes are a function of box size and user preference.

It is possible to mix and match different box sizes. In this example, smaller boxes are shown in Column 1 while larger boxes are stored in Column 2.

There is an address label strip to the left of every column. Each slot location has a unique address.

After retrieving a reticle, the operator bar code swipes the box to assure it is correct. The software records the transaction and maintains a database.

Upon retuning a box, the operator can choose any open slot. She must bar code the address label of that slot so the system will know where the box is being stored.
In the example above, each column is equipped with an LED indicator light.

It is also possible to have a system of LED lights that illuminate each specific slot of interest. This makes it very easy to find the box or slot of interest.
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