Reticle Storage Library
Semiconductor foundries usually have 10s of thousands of reticles in their care. Many of these reticles have proprietary patterns belonging to the FAB or the FAB's customer. Customer demand is intensifying with regard to the care and well being of reticles.

An emerging business model is to offer contract based reticle storage for inactive reticles. In this situation, a secure and controlled environment is set up near a FAB for storing its inactive reticles. The FAB's photo contacts have Internet access to the contract storage database for queries and check ins/outs. In many cases, delivery and pickup services are provided by the contract storage facility. FAB contacts with password access may come in and out of the facility as needed.

Alternatively, the FAB may set up its own archive facility on or near their FAB campus, or even in the building or FAB itself. A small scale example might look like this:
Cleanroom or gray room areas are wall partitioned to delineate a secured reticle storage room. This room might have security doors with barcode and password access. A touch screen Control System is used to manage check-ins/outs and to track reticle history.

Rooms can be equipped with stationary storage racks, moving racks, or any combination. Pathway lighting can be used to illuminate only the areas of interest as a guide for reticle retrieval or return.

Add inspection tables, clean room pass through's, or reticle transport elevators, or AGV if desired for automated delivery to the FAB's photo area or exposure tool.
Front view of reticle boxes stored on a Smart Shelf
Use Smart Shelves in your reticle room:
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