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Smart Shelf Reticle Storage and Management

Smart Shelves are heavy duty racks sized for your reticle boxes and pods. These shelves are prewired with LED lighting located at each reticle slot or as column indicators. Smart Shelves have quick electrical connects to each other and to our SECs/GEM compatible Reticle Management System. The reticle or column of interest is illuminated by an LED for fast accurate retrieval.

Reticle Stocker

Reticle Storage Lockers are automated space saving systems intended to conserve cleanroom space. These locker use the Smart Shelf system with LED lighting to illuminate the slot of interest.

Racks on Rails

These are automated moving shelves that butt-up against eachother to save space. Moving is initiated by pressing an arrow key. An isle is opened to allow access to the reticle of interest. These systems are available with LED indicator lighting.

Photomask Cleaners

Single substrate cleaners equipped with chemical dispense, pressure spray, meg, brush scrub and spin dry. Manual or automated cleaners are available in table top or floor standing versions. Large substrates and multiple substrates are not a problem.
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